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Who We Are

A little about us


In LUBA all comes from love.

LUBA is born in Mexico City in the year 2013 as a project thought to combine graphic, textile and jewelry design. Since then we have embraced many areas of design to get to the place we are now, focusing all our energy and passion on our unique jewelry made from different materials, metals and stones and embracing our founder and designer Susana Richter’s graphic vision of the world. Every piece is unique in its form, reaching for the geometric, linear and fractal world. Inspired in everything around her, from buildings to plants, to sunsets and stars.

Our passion is to create beautiful pieces made with love. We love to use colorful materials, we think that every piece of LUBA is meant to brighten your day. We want you to have fun!!

LUBA means love in russian. All that we do comes from there. Love for what we do, love for quality and great design, love for our planet and love for every living being ♥